Creating Mesopotamian Entrance Pillars / by Andreas Kopriva

Hello everyone and welcome to this post showing another concept, again loosely based on the pillar motif. 

For these assets, the focus was on exploring a mesopotamian inspired aesthete (with a touch of ancient egypt) for a larger grand temple/palace type of environment. 

Below the gallery are my notes on the ideas and thoughts behind this concept : 


  • The workflow differed a tiny bit from previous attempts, primarily in that everything was done in Zbrush from scratch - no base meshes or rough box modeling. Just grabbed a sphere and got to it appending where necessary (eg the arms). 
  • These are designed to be placed at the entrance of a larger temple-like environment, an approximation of which is illustrated in the final image of the slideshow.
  • After the high-poly sculpt was done, the meshes were again remeshed to much lower versions. The UVs were automatically generated using Zbrush's UVMaster plug-in. The normal maps were then refined in photoshop as xNormal gave some pretty poor results. This was ok for this mesh as the model wasn't designed with great fine detail in mind
  • Following that, I threw the model in Substance Painter again for some painting and inclusion of finer wear. A concrete material was used which was colored to resemble fine porous stone. Two variations were painted so as to have some variability between them. 

That's pretty much it for this one. These will probably be used in the near future for a larger project that's currently being worked on. More on that in the near future.