5 Super Hero Short Films / by Andreas Kopriva

Hello everyone and welcome to another collection of interesting shorts we've found in the great digital outdoors!

The theme for this post is superhero based shorts. Considering the rise and, apparently infinite, expansion of the Marvel and DC cinematic universes, it's interesting every now and then to check out how this particular theme is explored by the more indie market, where million dollar budgets are not so prevalent. 

So without further ado, and in no specific order, we present : 

5. WHISPERS - Andreas Kyriacou

Andreas Kyriacou's 'Whispers' is the first of a trio of shorts which explore more surreal and supernatural themes while retaining a distinct geographical flavour, utilized very effectively throughout. The film follows a simple man who deludes himself into believing that he is a fully developed superhuman. It's a touching, and often bizarre, story, told in a very distinct way and full of references to the comic-culture as a whole. 

Stavros Christoforou's animation style evident throughout also serves to tie everything into a nicely cohesive package of peculiar awesomeness.

Well worth a watch and be sure to check out the 2nd and 3rd parts of Kyriacou's trilogy as they become available online!

4. THE FLYING MAN - Marcus Alqueres

Marcus Alqueres' 'Flying Man' explores the moral ambivalence inherent in the concept of a singular vigilante utilizing their asymmetric advantage and their own, definitely biased, judgment to secure a 'cleaner' society. Though a staple of pretty much every superhero movie/story out there, the way this particular short explores the theme is very solid and visually interesting, especially in the news footage at the beginning of the short. 

3. CAPTAIN T&T - Christopher Guinness

'Captain T&T' is a beautifully told and visualized story. From the intro credits through to the ending it is visually stunning and excellently paced. It shows the story of a child who's trying to find their superpower and through this personal exploration it manages to show a very human story about family and the differences that single individuals can potentially make should they take the opportunity to explore what they may be capable of. 

2. SOMEDAY HERO - Darcy Fray 

The particular story starts off with a very uncomfortable presentation of family conflict and how this ends up affecting a particular child growing up. The subject of powerlessness and of hoping to make the world 'right' is explored quite successfully throughout, while again, telling a fairly touching story on how a single action can have an important effect on someone's life. 

1. London’s Hero 2013 Final Animation - Various

'London's Hero' is a collaborative animation project from a number of different animators outlining the life of the average superhero - tracing the development from infant to senior citizen. There are a number of different styles present here, all of which are quite lovely and characteristic in their own right. Check it out!

Stay posted for more list compilations in the near future!