Welcome to the site! / by Andreas Kopriva

Welcome to our little corner on the internet. 

Now that you're here, let's briefly introduce ourselves and what we aim to create with this here site. 

The purpose of thethumbkey.com is to ultimately become a sharing space for stories, ideas, solutions and just interesting things that people can do and get involved with. We want to share our own experiences regarding the transformation of ideas from the concept stage and into something tangible and help you do the same. Over time we hope to create a library of interesting individuals and services relating to the art of storytelling and of creation. 

In the current economic climate, and especially after being bombarded with eschatological metrics, reports of failures and general depictions of despair, it is crucial to celebrate the makers of the land. The people who choose to ignore the conservative mutterings of the apparently fearful and despairing majority and choose instead to create. To invest their time and (often scant) resources to bring their vision closer to reality. 

We all need to be that inspired and motivated to create, for it is through that mindset that change is brought forth. This is the purpose of our little site here. To do our part and helget you motivated, get you networked and put you on the path of creative thinking and problem solving. 

We hope you enjoy your stay here and look forward to hearing from you :)