THETHUMBCAST - Episode 005 - 14/05/2014 - Time, Talent and Ten Thousand Hours / by Andreas Kopriva

Welcome to our fifth podcast where we briefly commemorate HR Giger, discuss the burden of time, how long it actually takes to attain mastery of a skill and more. 


Links below : 

Link to the HR Giger Museum -



Roger Deakins Top Ten Tips for cinematography 

Apparently Hellraiser IS getting a reboot - link to news about that below:


The immortal Caruso - above. 


Frederik Chopin's - Revolutionary Etude 

And here's a link to the story -,_No._12_(Chopin)

Victor Wooten's - TED talk below - 

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Josh Kaufman presentation on how to learn anything -



Regarding the Anders Ericsson discussion - - the main framework for the study - an overview of the debate