Renewals and decisions! / by Andreas Kopriva

Hello everyone, 

Once again, I've successfully managed to neglect this little site for over a month! Thankfully though, it was only a month this time around. 

I think that the main issue for just lapsing and ignoring the site is primarily a sense of prioritization and trying to unify the multiple lines of work I've been experimenting with and taking on over the past few years. 

There have been serious developments with the establishment of a creative NGO in place in the form of Geekotopos and our cinematography orientated production company Cinesen, and as a result I was pretty conflicted about what would be happening with The Thumbkey. 

Well the decision has been made not so long ago in the form of new partnerships and a focus in the creation of original artwork and design. So we have to set up a webstore, finalize some product ranges and get the ball rolling. 

We hope to be launching the renewed site later on in the year. Until then, check out some of the other articles already in place and drop us a line should you have any questions!