Eggs and Holders / by Andreas Kopriva

Hello everyone! 

I've gotten into the habit of doing a lot more sculpting these days - and a lot of exploratory type of stuff relating to different forms and potential products. 

With the help of my partner (and wife) Ioanna Kythreotou, we tried a few different designs and managed to get a few physical prototypes done as well. This is an ongoing project so expect more in the future. For the time being, check them out and let us know what you think!



Renders of the Space Egg collection in some basic colors 

This one was almost wholly designed by Ioanna with the aim being a sort of retro sci-fi vibe, an homage to the Plan 9's and Body Snatchers of the years gone by. 

The workflow involved a quick pencil sketch, and the modeling of the 3d volumes within Zbrush. 

The prototype was printed out on the Formlabs Form2 printer in Grey Resin at a resolution of 100μ - which is the lowest quality setting on the particular printer. 




This next egg and holder combo was digitally sculpted from scratch with the purpose of creating something which blended a biomechanical aesthete with a touch of medieval fantasy. It has been incorporated into the Winter's Verge lore that we have been developing with Frixos Masouras (that's his narrative in the card below!), 

This has been printed out on our Form2 in Grey resin at 50μ resolution (medium quality) as two separate, hollowed out parts and we're currently in the process of getting the molded and cast for low-volume production. 

Below is a render of the egg from Keyshot, and we're considering of using this sculpt, primarily due to its more solid geometry as a testing bed for cold-casting in bronze and brass. 



This next one came from playing around with harder edge sculpting and parametric modeling. The result is something that is a bit overkill for an egg-holder, but that is one of the greatest things about digital design I guess! 

This particular design will probably be revisited at some point in the near future and it maybe re-purposed as a vase or something of a larger scale. 

One of the interesting things about such designs is the considerations regarding actually building something like. An SLA print would probably print fine as a one-off piece, but casting it would probably require segmentation and molding of each individual plate. 


That's pretty much it for this small collection - it will be updated further down the line with newer designs, and once our store is up and running, they'll be available for your perusal and purchase. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we build our little design/art store!