Changes by Andreas Kopriva

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this little space on the web and as a result it has gathered moss, cobwebs and whatever other analogies of long-term inactivity could apply. This has been largely due to work/university based obligations and also due to a lack of focus on what this site was actually meant to do and represent. 

I kinda lost track of all that for some time. But after almost a year long hiatus I think a clearer vision for what I'd like to be shared up here has congealed in my mind. And it's mostly architecture, cinematography, learning and game design really. This are the fields that I've found myself to be dealing with primarily, especially architecture as I'm currently plowing through the second year of the DipArch qualification. 

In tandem, we've finally began some elementary work on the game project idea that was threatened almost 2 years ago - an undertaking that prompted me to dedicate the last third of the summer season to developing an asset creation pipeline. 

So what does that really translate to in terms of updates? Well, I'm gonna try to share interesting examples of architectural concepts and attempts, primarily in the parametric and biomimetic fields, as I myself explore them. Furthermore, I will be sharing some game asset creation tips that could prove to be helpful to others - I must admit I am in no ways a seasoned modeler but I'm slowly getting there. 

Occasionally I may go off on a tangent and share completely irrelevant things that may be on my mind.

Finally, I'll probably be sharing projects with you guys as I get through them - it's still early days, but I may be putting early game builds, visualization videos, game assets up here for your perusal. 

That's pretty much it for now. The rest of the content will pretty much remain where it is for the time being, so feel free to look around as I get future posts ready. 

-Andreas Kopriva

The Renaissance of Horror by Frixos Masouras

Ask yourself. When was the last time you watched a good horror film? I bet a scream or two, that the answer is "very recently". I've been thinking about this for the last 3 years and I think it is finally time to call it how it is. The renaissance of Horror is reaching its peak. 

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Being selective with criticism and the prevalence of fallacies by Andreas Kopriva

I've considered the role of critics over the past few years, with my perspective shifting from them serving a role as an unbiased fresh set of eyes, capable of providing feedback that the maker may have not considered, to considering them nothing more than judgemental cowards, individuals too afraid to put themselves out there, 

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The Test of Time by Frixos Masouras

As a person who enjoys pouring words onto paper I have often attempted to comprehend time, once simply calling it that "which clocks measure". This fundamental quantity has taken the blame for many of our ailments, but in the same breath it has been credited with healing and hard but necessary lessons.  Art, much like us, also answers to time. Unlike us however, art is perhaps the only thing made by humans that can be branded as "timeless". 

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Thus weaved Argiope by Frixos Masouras

Chaos. The cigarette smoke rose and danced to the unheard tune my lips were conducting. The desk a battleground of paper, empty bowls, cat hair and at least eight years of history. I've been staring at the blank page on my screen for so long that eventually my mind started playing tricks on me. Not with rabbits or cards but something far more impressive. Memories. 

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The Endless Melody by Frixos Masouras

Richard Wagner coined the term I use in the title. Of course, one must understand that even if he "ironed out" arias and recitatives into what he called the Endless Melody, they always ended. Always, and without getting too philosophical "all up in here" that's pretty much what happens to everything else. Why is it then that we are obsessively afraid of endings?  And yeah... *spoilers ahead*!

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Not-so-White Knights! by Frixos Masouras

We love villains because we love hating them. We love anti-heroes because we love hating the fact that we hate loving them! Does that make sense? Good!

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Faces of evil by Frixos Masouras

Confession time. Between a good hero and a good villain, I would always prefer to learn and know more about the latter. It has always been like that for me ever since Jaws, The Howling series, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street (yes, the horror element is strong here) and every other monster/horror film that crossed my path. Back then it was simple. We had our heroes and a very bad monster that is doing everything within its powers to kill them.

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Building (a) character by Frixos Masouras

"What's next? a film about Mary and her little lamb?". Depends on who Mary actually is! And she can be anyone. That's the beauty of writing. The page is your canvass and you can paint a picture with all the "colours" (characters) that surround you.

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Welcome to the site! by Andreas Kopriva

Welcome to our little corner on the internet. 

Now that you're here, let's briefly introduce ourselves and what we aim to create with this here site. 

The purpose of is to ultimately become a sharing space for stories, ideas, solutions and just interesting things that people can do and get involved with. We want to share our own experiences regarding the transformation of ideas from the concept stage and into something tangible and help you do the same. Over time we hope to create a library of interesting individuals and services relating to the art of storytelling and of creation. 

In the current economic climate, and especially after being bombarded with eschatological metrics, reports of failures and general depictions of despair, it is crucial to celebrate the makers of the land. The people who choose to ignore the conservative mutterings of the apparently fearful and despairing majority and choose instead to create. To invest their time and (often scant) resources to bring their vision closer to reality. 

We all need to be that inspired and motivated to create, for it is through that mindset that change is brought forth. This is the purpose of our little site here. To do our part and helget you motivated, get you networked and put you on the path of creative thinking and problem solving. 

We hope you enjoy your stay here and look forward to hearing from you :)