The 8 Most Awesome Horror Short Films That You Should Watch Right Now! / by Andreas Kopriva

Good afternoon everyone! 

We've decided to change up the pace a bit and in tandem to the other learning based articles to start experimenting with list based coverage of different movies and projects that we consider to be pretty great and worth watching. 

Today we'll be looking at 8 awesome horror shorts we've found online. They're listed here in no particular order. We suggest you check out other work by the people involved in these and, for those which are on Vimeo and may have a tip jar, make a small contribution to the creators of these awesome films. 

Without further ado, here are 8 awesome horror themed shorts we've discovered lately. Viewer discretion is advised! 



Considering the resurgence of zombie-based films over the past few years, primarily bolstered by the success of AMC's The Walking Dead, it was a matter of time until someone took the religious approach. 

And what an approach that is! Knowingly preposterous and over-the-top, channeling cult classics such as Peter Jackson's Braindead, this short by David Munoz and Adrian Cardona is glorious! Fingers crossed that they manage to turn into a full length feature sooner than later!


An awesomely directed and shot short by Bloody Cuts, an anthology of horror shorts released for free online as a celebration of UK horror. This short is beautifully put together, starting off with excellently stylized intro credits and telling its grim story through expertly suspenseful pacing and spot-on narration. 

All eight shorts that they've produced for the anthology are pretty spectacular, and we urge you to go to their site and check them all out!


There is more sheer awesomeness packed in Deus Irae's 11 minute running time than there is in most features. Director Pedro Cristiani's film spurns a rich mythology about a team of exorcising priests with enough details in there making you wish that this would be turned into a feature film. Pretty much everything is done impeccably, from the pacing, to the atmosphere, to the excellent prosthetics and effects handled by Rabbid EFX, to the cinematography and those delicious little details which suggest an entire world's worth of mythology from which to draw on. 

Here's hoping that the talented people at nerdhaus Films make a feature out of this at some point. 

5.Lights OUT 

The next two shorts are from David F. Sandberg who I consider to be the embodiment of the DIY filmmaker. Both of the shorts here, though done on a very minimal budget, embody the essence of filming for the sake of the story. Light's Out managed to elicit more suspense and uneasiness out of me than most million dollar budget horror films, simply through it's masterful pacing, superb cinematography and succinctness. 


The second of Sandberg's films, which manages to be quite chilling while amazingly being even simpler than the first entry above. Anyone who can elicit drear and unease in such a short period of time using lights from Ikea deserves attention. Masterfully done. 

3.Don't MOVE

The second Bloody Cuts short featured in this list and the last one of the anthology, 'Don't Move' is a grisly homage to Clive Barker's Hellraiser series, suffused with a touch of Del Toros creature design. The premise is brilliant and the care shown through every aspect of the short reveals the pure passion that this team has for their craft and the subject matter. 

Once again, more undiluted awesomeness in 10 minutes than in most high-budget movies. 


LUNA is absolutely gorgeous, especially those first few opening sequences. It drips suspense throughout it's 10 minute duration and is simply beautiful to behold. Some pretty masterful cinematography from Andres E. Sanchez and a solidly paced story from director Antonio Perez, I would totally watch a series or feature based on the world constructed here. 


Our last entry is Brian Crano's short film, Dog Food, which premiered at the SXSW film festival in 2014 and won best horror/thriller at Comic Con. It is a delightfully twisted story, beautifully shot by cinematographer Adam Bricker with some pretty solid acting from Cory Michael Smith, Amanda Seyfried and David Craig. It takes its time to develop and may not seem quite as horrific as the rest of the entries here, but trust me - watch it till the very end. 


That concludes our first presentation of stuff that we think is awesome and that should be watched and supported by more people. We will be plunging into the depths of the internet (well, youtube and vimeo primarily, but grant me the hyperbole please!) to find more great material to share with you guys in the near future. 

Though we've started off with the horror genre, we intend to explore other genres as well. Any suggestions are welcome and if you have a particular project that you'd like shared and/or featured let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page