6 Awesome Animation Films Well Worth Watching / by Andreas Kopriva

Animation is notoriously difficult and time consuming with a very long mastery time required for what could be considered 'good' results. The production process behind has gotten better and more facilitating over the year - check out Adobe's initiatives for example or the Mixamo suite - yet even with a few shortcuts here and there, we're still talking hours and hours for seconds of final product. 

With that said, we went out to find a few animations online which featured interesting visuals or different styles compared to the -now- traditional 3d route. Check them out below! 


I remember this collaborative work when it went viral a few years back yet, even five years after release, it still manages to absolutely fascinate me. The amount of work and planning required to pull this off is truly awe-inspiring and the subject matter is beautiful to see visualized in such a manner. The transitions from painted representations to found materials, to sketches in the sand, to the characters created is borderline genius. One of my favorite parts is the beach front Katamari Damacy based development illustrating the transition from crustaceans to reptiles. Check out their site for more wall-animations and news.


Another stop motion animation, this one considered the world record holder for 'largest stop-motion animation set' with the largest scene being more than 11,000sq ft. It's a charming and simple story, which is lovingly crafted utilizing pretty simple materials and methods. Sure, it ended up being heavily sponsored by Nokia for their N8 phone, but I don't feel that that detracts from the skill and charm being presented here. 

4.Experimental Pottery animation

Though technically not an actual short, the methodology employed in the above clip is ingenious! Based on the principle of Zoetrope, which was one of several pre-film animation devices which produced the illusion of motion through displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of said motion, Jim Le Fevre's work here results in a multifaceted piece. The ceramic pot has an embedded animation on its surface which 'plays' when the floor lever of the rotating plate is pressed at just the right speed to sync up with the camera's shutter. Absolutely wonderful!

3.The Move, Paper Animation

This is a very interesting piece due to the paper material being used pretty much exclusively throughout and the animation method which doesn't appear to be fully stop-motion. Mandy Smith's 'The Move' tells a charming short story inspired by moving in Amsterdam with the modeling being handled by Papersmith. Check out their site for more paper based animations.

The soundtrack and general vibe was quite uplifting as well and matched the exaggerated cartoony visuals perfectly. 


Paris Mavroidis short animation is pretty mesmerizing to watch from beginning to end. From the setup on top of the almost celestial diving board, to the geometries and mandalas formed by the choreography of free falling divers to the cryptic ending which suggests a peculiar mythological world, it's an absolute treat. Besides a small commercial clip (also beautifully prepared) I haven't really been able to find anything else from Paris, but I'll be on the lookout for more of his material in the future!

1.My Stuffed Granny

I had the pleasure of watching this delightful short at the 2015 International Short Film Festival of Cyprus this past October and remember being enamored by the charming animation style and poignantly humorous story. Framing the current hardships prevalent in Greece over the past few years from the perspective of Little Sophia, her father and their grumpy grandmother, and illustrates the willingness and adaptations required to endure through a lens of fantastical and borderline magical events. The score and narration further cement it as a contemporary fairy tale, replete with the dark humor which characterizes the good old fairy tales. 

That's it for this installment - be sure to check out the artists and people involved in the production of the above clips and show your support in any way you can for they deserve nothing less. As mentioned at the very beginning, animation - pretty much any form of it - is not an easy undertaking!