Changes / by Andreas Kopriva

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this little space on the web and as a result it has gathered moss, cobwebs and whatever other analogies of long-term inactivity could apply. This has been largely due to work/university based obligations and also due to a lack of focus on what this site was actually meant to do and represent. 

I kinda lost track of all that for some time. But after almost a year long hiatus I think a clearer vision for what I'd like to be shared up here has congealed in my mind. And it's mostly architecture, cinematography, learning and game design really. This are the fields that I've found myself to be dealing with primarily, especially architecture as I'm currently plowing through the second year of the DipArch qualification. 

In tandem, we've finally began some elementary work on the game project idea that was threatened almost 2 years ago - an undertaking that prompted me to dedicate the last third of the summer season to developing an asset creation pipeline. 

So what does that really translate to in terms of updates? Well, I'm gonna try to share interesting examples of architectural concepts and attempts, primarily in the parametric and biomimetic fields, as I myself explore them. Furthermore, I will be sharing some game asset creation tips that could prove to be helpful to others - I must admit I am in no ways a seasoned modeler but I'm slowly getting there. 

Occasionally I may go off on a tangent and share completely irrelevant things that may be on my mind.

Finally, I'll probably be sharing projects with you guys as I get through them - it's still early days, but I may be putting early game builds, visualization videos, game assets up here for your perusal. 

That's pretty much it for now. The rest of the content will pretty much remain where it is for the time being, so feel free to look around as I get future posts ready. 

-Andreas Kopriva