The Horrorscope - Never on a Sunday by Frixos Masouras

We love horror and we praise it wherever possible. But it has to be said that from all the films that went wrong in the world, BAD horror films almost always top the list of "Holy shit, that sucked so bad!".

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To Build a World - The Importance of Story - Part 1 by Andreas Kopriva

It took me years to realize that the single most important thing in a piece of content is the story it has to say. I always found myself gravitating towards the artistic aspects of it all, whether it was the cinematography of a film, the flow of sentences in a book or the graphical prowess of a game engine, while almost completely ignoring what was actually being shared. 

Of course there is beauty in all the above and one can easily say that, often, visual opulence may be enough; that art serves no purpose than to simply be. But how long does that stay with you if it doesn't say a story? How will a piece of artistic content affect you in any sort of meaningful way, unless it facilitates a connection with you, thus allowing a deeper exchange between viewer and artist? 

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