The Horrorscope / by Frixos Masouras

I get it. Blazing hot days and passing thoughts of beaches strewn with almost naked people isn't the right time of year to be thinking of horror stories. Or is it? And no, I am not referring to shark week which has been correctly positioned near the end of the summer so as to minimise the "damage" to people who REALLY don't want to run into a shark during their summer swims.

But that's just it, isn't it? There are very few people who actually WISH they find a big hulking ancient marine predator on their vacations while the rest of us are quite terrified with just the idea. Classic fear, this. Which is precisely what stokes the fires of horror burning within us. The idea of 'that' or 'this' happening. That is precisely why horror works the way it does. In horror stories, more often than not, the actual horror itself is the protagonist. We don't always expect the main actor to make it all the way to the end since he/she often find themselves pitted against forces that a mere human rarely has the power to deal with.

Writers caught onto this early and happy endings are generally a rarity in horror films, something which personally I have no qualms with. There's other genres to turn to for that "human touch" and jolly conclusions. That is not why we turn to horror though. We watch horror in order to feel the unease, the tension of "what if that was me" and generally feel shit scared and jarred from the story taking place on the screen.

This entry will be my log, acting as a journal of sorts through the writing of horror material that I have undertaken (almost a pun? yeah, definitely a pun). 

Consider this an introduction of sorts as the days to come (help me) unravel the horrors that lurk in my head. They are plentiful and uncomfortable to say the least and sharing, as the famous phrase goes, is caring! 

- Frixos Masouras 2014