I've had a fascination with macrophotography ever since I first picked up a DSLR 6 years ago. The second lens I ever bought was the Canon 60mm 2.8 Macro for my then 450D. It changed my entire perspective of the world as I was now able to see the minute details we tend to ignore in our daily lives. 

A few years later I invested in the Canon MP-E 65mm 2.8 which allows for ratios of up to 5:1. Taking pictures at 5x is a nightmare for the most part, necessitating a macro flash ring and micro rails so as to be able to accurately dial in the focus. 

For some peculiar reason, it never dawned on me to film anything at that magnification, until I got my RED Scarlet and a rail-based shoulder rig. Seeing the lens, the camera and the shoulder seated next to each other, it got me thinking of possibilities. 

Some time later, the REDoscope was born!