THETHUMBCAST - Episode 003 - 24/04/2014 - Writer's Block, Anime, and Plopegg by Andreas Kopriva

We're back with our third podcast where we delve deeper into Writer's Block and how we see it, Anime (much to my chagrin), and the madness that is performance art in this day and age. 

A few mistakes noticed after the recording -

We discuss Takeshi Miike's 13 Assassins mistakenly calling it 13 Samurai 

I erred by stating that Save the Cat was written by Zack Snyder. In fact it was Blake Snyder. 

Check out Ioanna Kythreotou's work at 

Links related to the topics below : 

The Plopegg performance art piece by Milo Moire

The 'trailer' to Kill la Kill 

The trailer and the review for 47 Ronin -


The far superior 13 Assassins by Takeshi Miike

Blake Snyder's "Save the Cat" - and a breakdown of his beat sheet right here -

THETHUMBCAST - Episode 002 - 18/04/2014 - Things to consider if you're going to live from your art by Andreas Kopriva

For today's podcast we are joined by Mr Andreas Papapetrou, a PHd student at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance who offers his insight into the challenges of making a career as a musician and the difficulties inherent in following such a path. 

Check out his material and work on his website -

Some of the topics covered in today's podcast are : 

Marina Abramovic Rhythm 0 performance 

Wu Tang Clan's 'The Way of the Shaolin' release methodology 

Lydia Goehr's 'The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works' 

Damien Hirst's Work can be found here 

Tracey Emin's work can be found on the link below

Nicholas Cook's 'The Cultural Study of Music' 





THETHUMBCAST - Episode 001 - 17/04/2014 - Introductions, Education, Writer's Block and Tentacles by Andreas Kopriva

Welcome to our first podcast where we introduce ourselves and the purpose of our site here. Points covered include education reform and how it may affect creativity, learning in general, character design considerations, Writer's block and many other little bits and pieces. 

Our aim is to have such discussions on a weekly basis but in this beginning phase we would greatly appreciate your input as we are still trying to solidify what we're doing here. 

Intro and outro are composed, performed and arranged by Andreas Kopriva. 

Interesting links covered include the following : 

Durer's praying hands image -

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife image's_Wife's_Wife

Ken Robinson's Ted Talk about how schools kill creativity

Link to Harlan Ellison's stunt of writing a short story at a 5th Avenue bookstore

'In a stunt designed to break the stereotype of the secluded writer, author Harlan Ellison sits in the window of a 5th Avenue bookstore, and, using a beginning written by NBC's Tom Brokaw, writes a short story from it in only 5 hours.'

Link to purchase Master of Magic right here -

The Secret Life of Salvador Dali - a book written by the Spanish painter touching on his lucid dreaming techniques -