THETHUMBCAST - Episode 002 - 18/04/2014 - Things to consider if you're going to live from your art / by Andreas Kopriva

For today's podcast we are joined by Mr Andreas Papapetrou, a PHd student at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance who offers his insight into the challenges of making a career as a musician and the difficulties inherent in following such a path. 

Check out his material and work on his website -

Some of the topics covered in today's podcast are : 

Marina Abramovic Rhythm 0 performance 

Wu Tang Clan's 'The Way of the Shaolin' release methodology 

Lydia Goehr's 'The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works' 

Damien Hirst's Work can be found here 

Tracey Emin's work can be found on the link below

Nicholas Cook's 'The Cultural Study of Music'