THETHUMBCAST - Episode 006 - 09/06/2014 - Tim's Vermeer, Stradivarius Violins and that loser DaVinci / by Andreas Kopriva

On today's podcast we discuss superb documentary "Tim's Vermeer", touch upon the overvaluation of certain items (ahem...Stradivarius anythings), how DaVinci was a bit of a loser apparently, and argue about the necessity of hyperviolence in Game of Thrones. Also, cucumbercats.  

Enjoy and join the debate in the comments below!

Trailer to "Tim's Vermeer" 

And a few words by Teller - 


The superb Die Antwoord

That $45m Viola we referred to - 

Classical Music Appreciation   - Twerking to Dvorak 

Classical Music Appreciation - Twerking to Dvorak 

How Team America ruined Matt Damon for me :/ - 

Jeff Goldblum - How dare you speak to me? 

Oculus Trailer