Almost there! by Andreas Kopriva

After quite a bit of work, from many different people, we're proud to start sharing some of the stuff that we've been working on! 

The store is getting ready as we finalize a few things, and we're hoping to launch in a couple of weeks. I'll be outlining, probably in a series of blog posts, the overall process in creating most of the stuff that we've been working on so stay tuned for that. 

Until then enjoy a small sample of the Winter's Verge collection! Check out the band site for more info in the next couple of days and check us out during this year's Cyprus Comic Con!

Updates incoming by Andreas Kopriva

Hello everyone! 

Been pretty busy these last two months in setting up our first product line and cementing our new partnerships going forward. 

I've also taken the opportunity to tidy up the site a tiny bit, as it was growing in multiple different directions and ended up feeling a bit like a random though dump than something cohesive (which is not necessarily bad in terms of a creative vomit/stream of consciousness type of thing, but in terms of general navigation and the user experience, it's not exactly ideal). 

So basically, we now have a sculptures segment which will be the home of our figurines, characters, little design bits and pieces and generally anything that is 3d. 

The Art segment will house our 2d work - so paintings, prints, cards, lithographs, photographs - basically anything that is contained within a 2d surface can be found there. 

Finally, I've consolidated all the general articles etc into a single blog called the Thumblog(!) and will slowly be adding all the other categorized articles under that over the next few days. 

As mentioned above, we're in the process of creating our first product line which will be made available in an Etsy store (as squarespace's Stripe system is unfortunately not available in our country) which will be linked unto here. We will also probably have paypal links under all the products that will be showcased on here. 

Now, as I had mentioned in a previous post, we have a number of differing entities at play here. For cinematography check out Cinesen and contact us through there for any inquiries and bookings. 

For pop-culture stuff, movie reviews and discussions check out Geekotopos and stay tuned for big announcements as that entity grows. 

For game-related videos check out our youtube channel and our show Paizoume which is updated on a weekly basis with looks at indie gems and bigger titles, along with competitions and giveaways! 

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future! 

Renewals and decisions! by Andreas Kopriva

Hello everyone, 

Once again, I've successfully managed to neglect this little site for over a month! Thankfully though, it was only a month this time around. 

I think that the main issue for just lapsing and ignoring the site is primarily a sense of prioritization and trying to unify the multiple lines of work I've been experimenting with and taking on over the past few years. 

There have been serious developments with the establishment of a creative NGO in place in the form of Geekotopos and our cinematography orientated production company Cinesen, and as a result I was pretty conflicted about what would be happening with The Thumbkey. 

Well the decision has been made not so long ago in the form of new partnerships and a focus in the creation of original artwork and design. So we have to set up a webstore, finalize some product ranges and get the ball rolling. 

We hope to be launching the renewed site later on in the year. Until then, check out some of the other articles already in place and drop us a line should you have any questions! 

VR killing film, Horned Helgas, and thumbtastic illustrations by Andreas Kopriva

I've decided to reboot our previously dev-based blog into a general purpose vat for my general expressions. I'll be sharing stuff that I'll be doing, news that I read about and more. I may opt to discuss the erratic behavior of my cat for 3000 words. Time will tell. Enjoy!

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