Winter's Verge first video clip for the song 'Not Without a Fight' from the band's third album 'Beyond Vengeance'. 

Production Notes

The particular project was super-fun to take on. The guys were very helpful and facilitative, which helped a lot in terms of getting the project done on a fairly low-budget. 

The clip was shot on the Canon Mark II, 7D (for the macro shot), and a GoPro over two days at two separate locations. The exterior, storyline footage was shot at the Agios Sozomenos village ruins with available lighting while the band material was filmed at the Giorgallis rehearsal studio in Nicosia lit by three Lencarta 300w photographic lights. 

NLE of choice was Adobe Premiere Pro (I think it was CS5, but not 100% sure; it's been a while) with grading and post effects done using Magic Bullet Looks. 

The frame twitching was accomplishing using Video Copilot's Twitch script (buy it here and be sure to check out the site in general - Andrew Kramer is pretty awesome and has helped me a lot through his tutorials) with each twitch placed manually to give the visuals maximum impact. 

Check out the band's new website here and show them some love and support by purchasing their kickass songs from their iTunes page right here